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ExpoDisc Helps To Make Better Videos

from IT.Enquirer, 1/12/2009

The ExpoDisc Video Format Filter takes the guesswork out of setting white balance and allows video camera men to have their colour balance always correct, no matter how the lighting conditions may change over the course of a shooting day. The Filter is quite simply held in front of the lens—making sure no or as little stray light as possible enters the lens—and the white balance feature of the camera is left to calculate the colour correction. That’s it.

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In Review: ExpoImaging ExpoDisc

In Review: ExpoImaging ExpoDisc

from Digital Video DV, 9/17/2008

The ExpoDisc is well-made, rugged (indeed, it took a spill on my account and came out unscathed), lightweight and has a fantastically protective case to keep it safe. At the end of the day, the ExpoDisc delivers exactly what it promises. It’s compact and, in many situations, very easy to use.

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The White Balance Solution For Digital and Film Cameras and Camcorders

from Best Stuff, 12/11/2003

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